Practical Information

Arrival and departure

Check-in Mon-Fri  14.00 - 18.00Saturday until 17.00 and Sunday until 16.00 (PLEASE NOTE these are high season times)
Departure  before   11.30 hrs!! The barrier will not open after 11.30 am!

Do you want to check in early?
Then we ask a fee of € 1, - per hour
(This only applies based on availability and during reception opening hours)

The campsite is only accessible to guests who are staying for tourists.

Do you want to leave the park later?
In the early and late season (excluding holidays) this is possible. You pay €15 so that you can stay until 8 pm. (This is subject to availability only).

When is the sanitary building open?
The sanitary building is open all season. In the early and late season, some outside toilets and showers are closed.

I'm getting visitors
Do you have visitors? Nice, do you remember to register them, we ask  € 1,-  per person. Visitors are NOT allowed to bring a dog.

Please know that the campsite is completely full during the weekends of Easter, Pentecost and Ascension Day. To prevent our campsite from becoming overcrowded, we want to limit family visits (entire families).

Parking for visitors
Parking for visitors is NOT allowed on our site (P&R area is 100 meters away, parking is free there)

I have visitors and they want to stay the night
This is possible for € 5 per person, excl. tourist tax.

Can I place an extra tent?
This is not allowed everywhere, so only in consultation and is € 5,-

Where can I do my shopping?
There is a small Vomar by bike 5 minutes away, which is about 15 minutes on foot. First go to the other side of the street, then turn left, after 100 meters turn right under the tunnel. Until the street, then turn left and drive straight to a Chinese restaurant, in that block is also the Vomar.
You can also visit the shopping center De Hoef Alkmaar; Shopping center De Hoef, 1816 LW Alkmaar. There is the AH, the Vomar, Bakker, Butcher, pet store, bike shop and more.

Waste processing
Your household waste can be deposited in the container on the road, next to the entrance to the campsite. This is to preventnuisance from seagulls on the site. Here you will also find a container for glass!

So DO NOT hangplastic bags on your caravan, camper or tent, otherwise the birds will pull on them!
We request that you fold cardboard flat before placing it in the container.
Emptying chemical toilets is only permitted in the chemical toilet dump at the back of the toilet building! And in the 2 dumps in the road at the indicated places!

Can I bring my dog?

Bring your dog, super fun! Preferably 1 dog, maximum 2 dogs allowed (3 € per dog per day). Visitors are NOT allowed to bring a dog!

Remember that the other guests should not be bothered by your dog and you must always keep your dog on a leash.

Walking your dog should be done outside the park, no matter how tempting it is all those bushes and lawns. If your dog doesn't survive on the way there, then deposit the dog poop bag in the large container at the front of the park! also do NOT deposit dog poop bags in and around the sanitary building, this also to ensure hygiene.

It is not allowed to place a party tent and to build an awning on the awning.

No plastic ground sheet may be placed under or in front of the (front) tent, only a (green, grey) mat with holes!

Keep your place, your surroundings and the sanitary building clean, dispose of waste neatly and do not drop it at the sanitary building.
You must deposit your waste in the large waste bin at the front of the campsite.

I/We have a trailer behind the camper.
From this year we charge € 4.50 per trailer, this to avoid confusion and to draw 1 line.

Can we park the camper, caravan or car at your place?
NO, we are a campsite and not a parking lot.
So even if you arrive too early and the reception is still closed (even at noon), you cannot leave your Camper, caravan (with) car unattended on our private property!

From what time to what time can I enter and leave the campsite?
As a checked-in guest of the campsite, you can enter and exit between 7:30 AM and 10:00 PM.

Paved camper pitches
You must only stand ON the paved area at all times!
Also only drive on the paved part, to spare our grass as much as possible!

I am leaving earlier than what I booked for.
No refund will be made in case of early departure.
For further explanation about cancellation see our terms and conditions, at the very bottom of this page.

Telephone numbers in case of calamities:

GP post Alkmaar: 072 518 0618
See on the website whether it is necessary: ​​

Emergency emergency number: 112

Police and fire brigade: 0900 8844